Fall Frenzy Patch Notes

Main Notes between the Spring and Summer Schedule

Player and Team Eligibility

  • Players May only Play on one account (Name Changes are Allowed but must be updated in the PEL portal prior to any match)
  • Accounts must be in good standing with publisher (No suspensions / bans) to play. Any suspensions in-game will be suspensions from PEL Matches during that time.

Tournament Divisions

  • All rank calculations for Division 2 & 3 are calculated by determining a player's highest rank across the current episode (Episode 5).
  • Added a Rank Requirement for Division 1 for competitive integrity
  • Division 2 and 3 rank requirements have increased due to the addition of Ascendant rank. New rank averages are:
    • Division 1: Team average must be Ascendant+
    • Division 2: Teams must stay at or below Diamond 3
    • Division 3: Teams must stay at or below gold 3


  • Updated Prizing


  • To follow the new guidelines set by CVAL and RSAA, Default day / time is now Friday at 5pm.
  • All matches are due Saturday at 9pm and must be completed before than unless given permission by a PEL Admin.
  • Updated playoff dates for all divisions
  • Included regional information
  • Included California Clash information