Summer Splash Patch Notes
Main Notes between the Spring and Summer Schedule

Player and Team Eligibility

  • Players May only Play on one account (Name Changes are Allowed)
  • Accounts must be in good standing with publisher (No suspensions / bans) to play. Any suspensions in-game will be suspensions from PEL Matches during that time.
  • Maximum roster sizes are in place. Teams must only be 2 players above required player count
    • Valorant: 7 Players Max
    • Rocket League: 5 Players Max

Tournament Divisions

  • All rank calculations for Division 2 & 3 are calculated by determining a player's highest rank across Acts 1-3 of Episode 4.


  • Move Schedule Information and Format into Each Game's Rules
  • Updated Prizing


  • Updated Schedule for Regular Season and Playoffs. Updated Playoffs Format
  • Updated Map Ban / Pick procedure to follow competitive format closer. Teams will now get more map bans.
  • Players in the coach slot may now speak to their team during tactical timeouts. Now they can only speak in-between game and timeouts.
  • Updated breaks between games, 5 minutes between each game unless both teams would like to start sooner or have more time in-between.