Omega Strikers

Update Notes
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    Public Release
Quick Info:
  • All matches for the Fall Series are best of 5. This includes regular season and playoffs.
Tournament Graphic

1. Fall Series Overview

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    The format for the Omega Strikers Fall Series is broken into two formats; Group Stage, and Playoffs
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      The tournament will run on Saturday November 6th. Depending on interest, the tournament may be moved to a two day event if there are many signups.

2. Format and Schedule

1. Group Stage

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    Group Stage Format
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      All teams will be put into groups of 4 teams during the group stage. The format for matches during the group stage will be a double elimination bracket.
Group Stage Format

2. Playoffs

1. Playoff Format

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    The top 2 teams from each group will be invited into a single elimination playoffs. If there are more than 2 pools, playoffs will feature multiple rounds.
Playoffs Format

2. Schedule

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    The group stage will begin at 3pm with each round of the group stage having 30 minutes allotted.
  • Round 1: 3:00pm
  • Winners/Losers: 3:30pm
  • Tiebreaker: 4:00pm
  • Playoffs: 4:45pm

3. In-Game

1. Host

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    The Higher Seed Team will make the lobby. A link to the bracket will be announced and shared on discord when it is available.
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    The host will let the other team know the name and password to the lobby once it is made.
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    If the match is being streamed by the PEL broadcast team, PEL will share the lobby code with both teams once the match is ready.

4. Match Procedure

  • Each group will be a double elimination format bracket. Teams will have at least two matches in the tournament.
  • All matches will be a best-of-5 series.

5. Breaks, Pauses, Disconnects

1. Between Map Breaks

  • Between maps, teams will have 5 minutes of break time available. If both teams agree, the match can continue without the break. Additionally, teams may also extend the break if both teams agree.
  • If a team needs to make a substitution, tell the opponents to ensure the proper time to adjust your team in-game
  • If your match is being officially streamed by the Pacific Esports League, the admin / broadcasting team may request more time. Teams will follow the instructions given by the broadcast team.

2. Disconnects

  • When a player disconnects, the game is unable to be paused.
    • The player will be given 10 minutes after the game to reconnect to the game and join their team. If the 10 minutes have passed without the player reconnecting, the team must use a substitute or forfeit the match.
  • The match will not be restarted for any player disconnections.