Code of Conduct

1. Agreements

  1. All participants, including players, teams, and schools, must follow the Pacific Esports League Code of Conduct. Registering for the league constitutes an agreement to adhere to all established rules and policies.

  2. The Pacific Esports League reserves full discretion to determine appropriate content and enforce code policies. The league may require changes to profile photos, team names, logos, or other participant-generated content to uphold standards.

  3. The league holds the right to mandate specific modifications to team names, logos, or branding to address violations or quality issues. Teams agree to comply with any content changes dictated by administrators.

2. Player and Team Conduct

1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  1. Zero Tolerance for Toxicity/Poor Sportsmanship

    Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Harassment or abuse targeting any specific player(s) for any reason, including the use of slurs or remarks about protected groups.

    2. Aggressive, confrontational, or hostile behaviors towards other participants.

    3. Making threats of violence or physical harm, whether it be in-game or out-of-game.

    4. Dishonesty or intentionally misleading other competitors, administrators, or organizers.

    5. Revealing personal information about any other players or teams in the competition without their permission.

    6. Obscene gestures or attire during streamed matches.

    7. Collusion with opponents to fix matches.

    8. Intentionally disconnecting from matches.

    9. Playing under another individual's account or smurfing during any matches.

    10. Violating any publisher's Terms of Service.

    The above behaviors are examples of toxicity and unsportsmanlike conduct that will not be tolerated. The league reserves the right to penalize any toxic behaviors, even if not expressly listed.

  2. Respect for Others

    1. Teams must show respect towards all other schools, organizations, and participants involved in the league.

    2. Players are expected to exemplify their own school's values and principles through sportsmanlike conduct when competing.

  3. Consequences

    1. Failure to demonstrate appropriate respect may result in disciplinary action against the team or individual.

    2. Disrespectful conduct may warrant formal warnings, penalties, removal of privileges, or bans from all current or future events.

2. Player and Team Guidelines

1. Media

  1. Appropriate and Compliant Media Content Only Prohibited media includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Content that promotes political groups, hate groups, or discrimination against any protected group.

    2. Lewd imagery or sexually explicit content.

    3. Unsportsmanlike, antagonistic, or inflammatory content.

    4. Copyrighted or illegal materials that could cause legal concerns.

    The above media are examples of prohibited content that will not be tolerated. The league reserves the right to penalize any usage of harmful content, even if not expressly listed. The league may change any logo or image for quality and legal reasons.

2. Names

  1. Appropriate Player and Team Names Only Prohibited player or team name includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Any that discriminate against protected identity groups.

    2. Names with lewd, sexually explicit, or pornographic meanings.

    3. Innuendos, ambiguous names, or other mature references.

    4. Names considered unsportsmanlike or inflammatory.

    The above are examples of prohibited names that will not be tolerated. The league reserves the right to penalize any team that selects or uses a prohibited team name violating the naming guidelines, even if not expressly listed. The league may request the individual(s) or team to modify the name(s) to satisfy the naming guidelines.

  2. Distinct and Unique Team Names

    1. Each team's name must be distinct and identifiable from all other teams in the league.

    2. Teams may not select names that are identical or nearly identical to another team’s name.

3. Consequences for Misconduct

  1. Poor sportsmanship, toxicity, and disruption are taken seriously, with consequences including forfeits, disqualifications, and suspensions for individuals or teams. The league reserves full discretion to issue fitting punishments based on the violations. Penalties may include, but are not limited to:

    1. Forfeiture of a match.

    2. Disqualification of player(s) or an entire team.

    3. Suspension of player(s) or an entire team.

    4. Multi-match suspensions from current or future events.

  2. The league administration team will evaluate incidents on a case-by-case basis and issue penalties accordingly based on the unique circumstances. Punishment severity will scale appropriately with the seriousness of the violation.

  3. The league reserves full discretion to hand down discipline matched to the offense, including considering aggravating factors like prior issues. However, intentional or especially egregious incidents may result in immediate disqualifications, removals, or bans as warranted, regardless of prior offenses.

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