How to register a team for a tournament?
Your captain is the only one who can register the team for the tournament. Teams must also meet the minimum player requirement before being allowed to register.

2. Login with Discord

3. Click "Tournaments"

4. Click the tournament you would like to register for

5. Press the blue register button

6. Use the code displayed on the page to register on the appropriate Battlefy tournament page.

By simply claiming a code you are NOT registered. The code grants you permission to register via Battlefy. This system ensures all students are properly registered and verified.
Make sure to save this code somewhere safe if you plan to register later. However, we highly recommend finishing registration off as soon as you claim your code.


How do I see what teams I claimed a code for?

On the tournaments page click the green "My Teams" button to view all the teams you (as a captain) have claimed a code for.