Getting Started

All about the Pacific Esports League official portal. The PEL Portal is the hub of many things in the Pacific Esports League. Use this page to get you up to speed.

Functions of the Portal

  • Verify you are a current high school or college student
  • *Connecting a game account
  • *Create team(s)
  • *Invite players to your team(s)
  • *Pay registration fee for your team (if applicable)
  • *Generate a join code for your team to register for a tournament
  • *See a list of all teams
  • *Start or add on to a Discord Direct message support ticket
*User must be verified and a member of the Pacific Esports League Discord Server.

Functions NOT in the Portal

  • Reporting scores for PEL tournaments (Battlefy)
  • Filing match disputes (Battlefy)
  • Signing up to be an official caster (Forms)
  • Requesting a refund (See Procedures)

Common Debug Solutions

Try these simple solutions before contacting support.
  1. 1.
    Use a desktop browser
  2. 2.
    Refresh page
  3. 3.
    Log out and log in
  4. 4.


How-to Guides

Following the steps of these articles in order. "How to complete the verification form" to "How to register a team for a tournament" will walk you through all the steps shown in the video required to complete the signup process!