Verification Proof Information

1. Why do we ask for verification proof?

  1. An institutional identification photo is required to verify that you are the student you claim to be and that you attend the high school or college listed on your registration. The administrators of the Pacific Esports League need to see a valid ID photo from your school in order to confirm your identity and enrollment status. This allows them to ensure all participants are indeed students at their claimed schools.

  2. The ID photo is used solely for verification purposes and will not be used for any other reason. Requiring a current institutional ID helps maintain the integrity of the league and fairness for all competing students and teams.

  3. This data is only used for verification purposes, we do not sell personal data.

  4. If you have any questions or concerns about the verification system, feel free to contact the PEL staff on Discord!

2. What are acceptable forms of verification proof?

1. Acceptable High School Proof:

  1. A student ID from your school from the current year.

  2. Current or previous year's student ID photo from your high school. Previous year IDs are allowed due to COVID-19 impacts.

  3. Screenshot showing login to your high school's online portal or platform. Examples include PowerSchool, Canvas, Moodle, SchoolLoop, etc.

  4. Other definitive documentation verifying current high school enrollment and attendance.

2. Acceptable College/University Proof:

  1. A student ID from your university the previous school year.

  2. A photo of your schools online portal with you logged in.

    1. For Example: Canvas, Moodle, SchoolLoop, etc.

  3. Providing your .edu email from your university.

  4. Current or previous year's student ID photo from your college/university. Previous year IDs are allowed due to COVID-19 impacts.

  5. Screenshot displaying login to your college/university's online portal or platform. Examples include Canvas, Moodle, SchoolLoop, etc.

  6. Providing an active .edu email address from your college/university.

3. What if my proof is denied?

  1. If your verification proof is denied, don't worry - you'll receive a notification explaining why it was rejected and how to resolve the issue. Typically, proofs are denied because of problems with the photo quality or missing qualifications.

  2. You can simply re-submit a new proof image through the portal until it meets the requirements for approval and acceptance. We're happy to work with you to ensure your proof is valid so you can participate.

4. Home-schooled Students

  1. Students who are homeschooled and do not have a school photo ID or online portal can still provide valid proof. If you are in this situation, please submit a support ticket. The Pacific Esports League administrators will work with you directly to find an acceptable solution for verifying your student status. Some options may include documentation from your homeschool program, a letter from the administering teacher, or other evidence that satisfies the proof requirements. We understand the unique circumstances of homeschooling families and want to ensure all eligible students can participate. Our admins are committed to collaborating with you to review and approve a proof method that works for your situation.

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