Coastal Cup Patch Notes

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Player and Team Eligibility

  • Players may only move to teams in a division higher than they are currently, if their community has multiple rosters. Players may not move to a team in a division below them.

Tournament Divisions

  • Added a 2nd division for League of Legends:
    • Division 1: Team average Platnium and above
    • Division 2: Team average Gold and below
  • All rank calculations for Division 2 & 3 are calculated by determining a player's highest rank across the current episode (Episode 6 for Valorant and Season 13 for League).
  • Clarified rules on when team rank calculations are taken. Team rank is taken at the start of season, and players are able to improve and past the threshold during the season


  • Updated Prizing and gave percentages to allow for dynamic increases in prizing.

Game Details

  • To help teams better prepare for their matches, default time for both Valorant and League of Legends is now set to 6:30pm
    • Friday at 6:30pm for Valorant
    • Saturday at 6:30pm for League of Legends
  • All matches are now due Saturday at 11:59pm and must be completed before than unless given permission by a PEL Admin.
  • VALORANT Map Pool Update:
    • To stay in line with VCT, Bind and Breeze has been removed and replaced with Split and Lotus.