Student Talent Program

About the Student Talent Program

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    The PEL Student Talent Program (STP) allows California students to practice and hone their skills in esports broadcasting.
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    These students are included in the Approved Spectator list which lists the ONLY users allowed in PEL match spectator slots.
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    To learn more about the Student Talent Program visit

How to join

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    After applying, the Pacific Esports League team will review your application and will decide to accept or deny the request. This may take up to 1-2 business days.
    • If it has been longer than 1-2 business days without a response, please reach out to the admin team on Discord via Modmail.
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    If you are accepted, you will gain access to special Discord channels where we will share broadcasting materials, match notifications, and program announcements.


  • Access to the list of matches occurring each week
  • Custom STP overlays
  • AMA’s with the PEL broadcast team
  • Access to workshops with industry professionals


Student Talent Program members must follow the following guidelines when broadcasting an official PEL match
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    A MINIMUM of a 3-minute delay
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    All student broadcasters must fill out the Match Confirmation Google form for the match they wish to broadcast. This alerts PEL admins that the broadcast is taking place and allows us to potentially promote it!
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    No communication from the broadcast team is to be made with any player, captain, and/or coach for the duration of the broadcast.
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    The non-delayed live broadcast feed is limited to broadcast personnel only
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    The delayed broadcast live feed is streamed live on a public live streaming channel.
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    The public stream link must be shared with both teams.
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    The VOD must be posted to YouTube or publicly accessible after the broadcast concludes for the duration of the season.